Bounce Back! Coaching Package

This 6-month package is designed to challenge you to change whatever is not working in your life to create your best life! Includes 1 hour coaching bi-weekly, via Zoom or phone and 111 Ways to Bounce Back! book included.

This program will address assisting you in recognizing challenging situations in your life that are just not working for you, changing your thinking about your life and look at the real underlying beliefs that helped create who you are in your life today, and creating the life you want and deserve to live.

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Have the Greatest Love Affair of All with Yourself!

Lisa will teach audiences how to identify the core values they use to define themselves. She will also provide daily exercises for people to use to embrace who they are and fall in love with themselves.

Be Your Own Best Friend!

This one is near and dear to Lisa’s heart – she had to teach herself how to treat herself. Now, her favorite line is: remember to treat yourself like your own best friend because no one else will do it for you! In this motivational presentation, Lisa reminds women of all ages to never lose sight of who they are and what makes them beautiful inside and out. She walks attendees though practical exercises to identify their core values and provides daily exercises to embrace who they are.

Life Happens: Bounce Back!

Lisa will teach the audience how to find personal strength through self-love to recognize and accept that they deserve the life they want so that they can figure out how to live it. Regardless of what any woman wants, she can do it as long as she is armed with the power from within to believe in herself. For example, if someone feels she wants to be a pilot but doesn’t believe she deserves to be or can be one, all the flight lessons in the world will be useless to her. But, if she finds the inner strength necessary to know she is worthy and capable to get the lessons, she will follow through on them and learn to fly.

Category: Personal Development Relationships, Divorce

Divorce Happens: Bounce Back!

The audience will hear firsthand how Lisa bounced back from two divorces. Lisa will share tools and techniques with the audience on how to help children cope with divorce, how to start dating again, and more.

It’s Commitment Time: Do you know the REAL you?

The audience will hear first-hand from Lisa how her failed relationships were due to not really knowing who she was and what she wanted or needed. She shares her personal stories of dating and being in a codependent relationship with the hope that everyone will take the time to get to know who they are before they commit to a relationship. It’s all the things she wished she knew before she said, “I do.”

Have Fun Dating at Any Age!

Lisa will share with the audience her real-life stories from dating online to finding love again. It’s more fun the second time around. She will provide motivation for women to start dating and tips on how to go about dating again.

Divorce Happens: Bounce Back!

The audience will hear firsthand how Lisa bounced back from two divorces. Lisa will share with the audience how to help children cope with divorce, dating and more.

Your Ex is not the devil!

The audience will hear firsthand how Lisa bounced back from two divorces. Lisa will share tips with the audience on how to remain friends with your ex for the good of the children.

Category: Business Development Women Entrepreneurs

Get Out of Your Own Way

The audience will hear firsthand how Lisa created her own brand by getting out of her own way. She shares her story about realizing the only person holding her back was herself. And she uses her real-life example of overcoming self-doubt to build her Bouncing Back brand that she now teaches so others can become resilient enough to overcome the obstacles preventing them from living their best lives.


The audience will hear firsthand how Lisa learned how to ask for what she wanted in life. She has had a very successful career in communications and in her Bouncing Back brand offer her best practices and practical tips for getting comfortable when asking for what you want in business and in your personal life.

Category: Business Development Public Speaking, Networking and Brand Development

Get Out of Your Own Way

For more than 10 years Lisa has mentored and coached students at major universities teaching them how to create their WOW-factor. The audience will hear firsthand how Lisa created her own wow by embracing her love of finding the beauty in people, her high energy, and her enthusiasm for life! She has had a very successful career in communications and she built Bouncing Back to help people get to know and love their true selves in order to live a fulfilling life. Lisa will share tips for successful networking both online and off, including creating strategies that will work for you and your brand.

Speak Up!

By combining her stand-up comic and teaching experience, Lisa shares her tips for making presentations that help people feel confident when speaking before a live audience.

Category: Business Development Effective Communication Skills and Customer Service Tips

Communication 101

Lisa has had a successful communications career for more than 25 years. In this presentation, she will share her life lessons on how to communicate effectively with a loved one or a colleague. Lisa knows firsthand that once people learn how to communicate with each other, it opens the door for healthier relationships.

Keep the Customer in Customer Service

Lisa has spent years working with companies on fine tuning their customer service skillset. She helps motivate the teams to want to do more and be the best they can be. Her humor and passion make this an educational and entertaining presentation.

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