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Life Happens: Bounce Back
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I’ve been through it all!  From a struggling single mom who lost her job, filed bankruptcy and finalized her second divorce all in one month, I know what it’s like to bounce back from all kinds of situations – circumstances that one might believe are too hard to overcome. Using these experiences to propel a change in the direction of my life, I bounced back and so many new things happened.

Today, my “Morning Motivation” segment on Philadelphia’s PHL17 TV Morning News Program is a hit with viewers. As a regular contributor, I offer tips on a variety of topics including relationships and family dynamics to empowering your life and handling the challenges of living during the pandemic. I also host my own Temple TV program, Your Best Life with Lisa, formerly known as BOUNCING BACK with Lisa Bien! As a proud alumna of Temple University, it’s an opportunity that is especially dear to me.

I am the author of three books, Life Happens: Bounce Back! and Divorce Happens: Bounce Back! , where I lay out the Bouncing Back philosophy I developed as I overcame my own hardships. 111 Ways to Bounce Back, continues my inspiring message, guiding others to bounce back from life’s challenges using my tips combined with focused journaling.


About the Book: Why We’re Here

I wrote this book for you. To share my story and show you that you are not alone in dealing with the inevitable struggles and low points of life.

For my dear friend’s daughter, who is beautiful, smart, insecure and sad. It breaks my heart that we allow our demons and negative self-talk to impact our lives for so long. I wish I could change her outlook, make her smile and show her how to love who she is.

To serve as a reminder that we all struggle with low self-esteem and a negative self-image, and we don’t even realize it until life hits us in the ass. I want everybody to know they can change, if they truly desire to do so.

To remind you that you have a choice on how you want to approach each day and  the rest of your life. You get to decide. Life is an abundance of choices, but the first choice is how you are going to live today.

To remind you that the only person responsible for your happiness is yourself.

My goal to help you see how beautiful you truly are and love yourself.