I really believe that it’s important to know who you are and look inside…I mean really look inside and evaluate yourself. Because if you don’t then you will continue to live life the same way, potentially making the same decisions leading to the same outcomes.

Now, you may be asking yourself – what does this have to do with a banana peel? Plenty, see, I know myself so well, and I am a constant learner and one who strives to be the best version they can be. I am always evaluating my behaviors, my patterns and looking to see how I can grow and improve?

The other day, I went to my son’s bathroom and there it was, a three day old banana peel in the trash! We had just gotten home from the shore and it was sitting in the trash can turning brown…it was old.

Normally I would simply say, come on, really?

I am pretty sure that my 14 year old son knows better, or at least he should.

Well, this time, I went nuts!

I yelled, something I rarely do. I was like come on! Are you kidding me? You left a banana peel in the bathroom trash for three days? We could have gotten bugs? Then it was this is gross. You should know better. You don’t respect the house…blah…blah…


Breathe Lisa.

I asked myself what I was really upset about. Why was this such a big deal today when any other time I would have said something but not to the point that I would yell. I know that yelling is not me. Two, I always look inside myself and want to know why did I react that way? You could say, well I think a banana peel in the trash is a big deal – okay that is okay too.

But, here is what I think if we over react and yell and just walk away and do not stop and think about it.  What did we really accomplish? What’s the point? Does anyone win?

What was really going on was that I was tired and worried about something that happened earlier in the day and it had nothing to do with Ari. I went to talk to Ari and apologized for a total over reaction. I mean the kid is a good kid. He’s kind, funny and just my personal provider of ongoing sunshine.

Take time to stop, breathe and ask yourself what is this really about?

Look inside, the answers are always there.

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