The other day I was speaking to a colleague who described a friendship she’d had with a woman for many years. She explained to me that this woman, we will call her Ann, is her reminder.

She explained: “Ann is not like me at all and not someone I would usually be friends with, but she stays in my life as my reminder of how I do not want to be. She is all caught up with material things and very self-absorbed.” In other words, Ann is her reminder that material things are not important and never to allow herself to become self-absorbed.

Ann recently called her to say “thank-you for being my teacher about the importance of kindness.” Ann clarified how when she needed kindness, it was not there from her other friends. She thanked my colleague for being consistent and always about showing kindness.

Reminders, teachers, whatever title you choose to use, there are numerous reasons WHY someone is in your life. 

Are they teaching you something about you?

Are they reminding you about how to not to behave?

Or maybe you are teaching them?

At one point in my life, I shared a friendship with a woman who was very self-righteous. There are a few character flaws that truly annoy me and one is being self-righteous. Looking back, I now realize she was put into my life to show me what self-righteousness looks and feels like, so I will never do the same.

 Is it time for you to think about your relationships?

 Stop. Look. Assess.

 Do you have reminders? Who are they?



I encourage you to take a look at the people in your life and what they can teach you.

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