What’s Your Morning Routine?

When I had younger children, I would spend time at night packing lunches. I had the hurry-up and get your child to school and make it to work on-time routine.

Today at 52 I have a wonderful morning routine that helps me create my day. It took me this long to realize what a productive morning can do for you, and what an incredible tool to jump start your day a great routine can be. It sets you up for success.

As soon as I wake up, I smile and thank god for another day. I wake up two hours before I need to be at work. I use the two hours to help begin my day and put me in a positive mindset.

I light candles in my room. The light from the candles reminds me that we are all light and when I blow the candles out before I head out the door it reminds me of the importance of being kind and not to blow out anyone’s light and to continue to strive to make the world a brighter place.

I enjoy my first cup of coffee, I think about what my day and I picture how it will be. If I am hosting a meeting at work I think about how I want that meeting to go, I actually visualize my day.

I do my appreciation prayer every day, morning and at bedtime. I thank God for the day and for my health and my children’s health. It is basically my list of appreciation for my life. I start my day and end my day in prayer.

I have two different routines, one for weekdays and one for the weekends. The weekends begin with yoga or gym time. I like to mix it up so that I can keep it fresh and because it’s part of my self-care regime, it matters.

My routines remind me to take care of me every day so that I can be the best version of me to take care of the people I love and who need my love and attention.

If you do not have a morning routine, think about creating one, one that will help you jumpstart your day. What would the perfect morning look like and feel like for you? Everyone always says, it’s a new year, start your new habits this year. I say, do what works best for you and maybe start creating a morning routine tomorrow morning. It’s about you, taking care of you and making sure you gear up for the day ahead.