It was 11 a.m. My son, Ari’s, baseball game was over, and the weather was perfect. I am not kidding you, simply perfect. No wind and the sun was shining. It was simply the kind of day you say “thank-you” as you breathe and count your blessings. And, I used it for a day of self-care.

As I said, it was only 11 a.m. I had exactly seven hours alone with my boyfriend Joe. That may not seem like a lot to you, but when you both have two kids, busy schedules and you work, seven hours is like a dream-come-true. I rambled off a list of things we could do: driving to the beach, going to a variety of different places, hitting golf balls, you name it. We wound up with a “what should we do list” that was very extensive.

Then we realized something. Since we met, our weekends have been filled with events, parties and dinners, etc. We have been dating now for three months and we are always so tired on Monday mornings we’re dragging because we were too busy over the weekend. Neither one of us functions very well when tired. So I had an idea: why not just enjoy some alone-time in my backyard where we could just breathe, talk and relax. Joe agreed that we could use some self-care and relaxation.

We had an amazing day. We sat outside. We ate healthy—fruit, hummus and veggies, and fresh fish for lunch. It was wonderful. But the best part was that Joe sat next to me, not across the table from me how couples tend to do it. Before we started to eat lunch I turned to him and said, “Isn’t this great – let’s pretend we are away on vacation – just the two of us.” We did that one day in the winter. It was cold and miserable outside so we went out for Pina Colada’s and margaritas and pretended we were on vacation at an island.

So on that gorgeous sunny day, for several hours, we talked and even dozed off a little while relaxing in the sun. At one point, I looked across the table, and found a make-a-wish flower, or whatever the proper name is for a Dandelion. I picked it and asked Joe to make a wish. He did. I don’t know what the wish is because if you tell someone it is superstition that it will not come true.

Regardless, my wish for you is that you will try to make an ordinary day a “vacation day,” that you will make a wish for you and your loved ones that day, and that you begin your journey of self-care too.

Please check out my book Life Happens: Bounce Back! for more tips on self-care and having the greatest love affair of all – with yourself!




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