Things My Mom Taught Me

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I want to share some of the wisdom and teachings my mom shared throughout the years.


I remember my mom would always say, “If you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will.” Well, those words always stuck with me but it took me quite some time to understand the meaning behind them.  As a younger adult, my interpretation was: get your nails done, do you hair. But as I reflect now, it means so much more. It means taking care of my body, mind and spirit. What my mom was saying to was take care of me so that I can be the best version of me.

My mom showed me how to be a good mom by leading by example. She was and continues to be there for me. I can honestly say I was not an easy child and young adult. I worked so hard to show my mom that I was independent and strong, that sometimes I pushed her away when I really needed her most. My mom remained standing next to me no matter what. She taught me that regardless of what your children say, or how badly they act, they still need to know you are there for them. My mom has always had and continues to have my back.

“Do the right thing!” Ughhh..I always hear my mom’s voice in my head saying that: do the right thing. There are times when I don’t want to. There are times when it would be easier to do what I want to do but I don’t, because she had instilled the value of being a good person.

I didn’t truly appreciate my mom’s words of wisdom until I was older and much, much wiser. So today, as I write this about her, I invite you to stop and think about what your mom means to you. What did your mom teach you?

Sometimes are greatest teachers are always standing right next to us and we never even realize it.

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