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I had lunch with my good friend and colleague Lisa Bien the other day at our favorite place, although we did not get our favorite table by the window but that is for another time.  We did sit in a great area and immediately began to catch up.

Our discussions covered everything and then some.  As we talked we collaborated and Lisa asked if I would expand upon my thoughts for her blog.

Discussing Bouncing Back and the success of the series already, we talked about the characteristics that are developed to Bounce Back as you are Bouncing Back.  I see it as one coin with two sides.  You need one side as you are on the edge of what you want to leave behind. The other side when you get to your destination.  However it is the in-between or the bridge of steps, repeated patterns practices that are the real key to the success.  The coin sides are Persistence and Power

I like to use the scene from an , Indiana Jones Movie where Indy and his Dad are in a tight spot, preventing them from completing their adventure.   The Dad is repeating the passage and Indy is facing crossing a canyon without stairs.  He repeats the passage and throws sand down to reveal stairs.  These stairs he takes but still needs the repeated passage or pattern to make it across.  At times he stumbles, wobbles and almost falls, however he moves forward and proceeds to get to the marked destination.

In every challenging situation you find yourself on the edge, wide eyed asking how you got here.  You don’t want to go backward.  You want to go forward. It is scary.  You don’t know what to do or where to go.  I know that inside your head, if you knew the way you would not be where you are now!  So what does it take to get to the other side?

Side one, of the coin. Persistence.It is in the set of your mind.  You need to believe you can and the will to stay your course because of your belief.  What you need, you need to be clear of your destination.  “The other side is too broad.”  Where on the other side, what do you want it to look like, feel like, have in the space – dream and dream big.  Create the ache for it.  Life will be different once you take that first step.

What happens next is the persistence (made up of beliefs you can and the will to go) leads you to seek out options, talk to people, describe your destination, ask for suggestions and as you go, the stairs appear and you begin to move.  You will stumble because everything is new, your view, your moves and your drive.  As you progress you will see things you did not expect, surprises of the good kind and not so good.  However you are moving and the choices you make now can be changed.  That is the beauty of choice.  As you get closer to your picture you notice you are different, you have changed and you are embracing the other side of the coin.  Power.  You have found your power.  The Power of confidence (you can and you did), the power of results (you saw it and you made it happen) the power of support (you asked and your support network revealed itself) and the Power of you (it was all because you were not afraid to move when you were afraid.

To me that is the key to your success.  Each bridge will give you different obstacles and every story has it’s own however, you can find the common passage to repeat, the patterns that work more often.  It is easy and yet hard.  Letting others in to your world when your world is not where you want it to be.  That takes courage.  I define courage as not the absence of fear, it is feeling that fear and choosing to move.

So, now you have the two coins or my two cents!

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