Waiting in the airport for my luggage to arrive I struck up a conversation with a lovely young women and I asked her if she was attending the Delta Phi Epsilon conference. She smiled and quickly responded, “Yes, and I am so excited” I asked her if she would like to share an Uber to the hotel. She responded without any hesitation, “Oh, my big is coming to pick me up and she will be more than happy to give you a ride too!”

My weekend with Delta Phi Epsilon was filled with warmth and thoughtfulness from start to finish.

Standing in front of the room filled with young vibrant women ready to hear my message of self-love, kindness and compassion was a dream come true. It was not the first time I shared my story. It was not the first time I was a featured speaker, but there was something different about this room. There was an energy you could feel throughout and the air was filled with enthusiasm and vibrancy.

As I spoke, I watched their smiling faces, the nods of the head, laughter, and note taking. WOW – taking notes about my favorite topic – self-love! Pinch me, I am dreaming! When I was done, there were lots of hugs, picturing taking, thank-you’s and kind words exchanged. One woman, said to me, “I will never forget your message.”

Being invited to speak is always an honor as well as a responsibility. It is my job as the teacher to make the experience impactful and meaningful for the audience, and it’s a job I always take very seriously.

After speaking at the Delta Phi Epsilon International Leadership Forum 2018 I realized the benefits of being part of a sorority. The entire weekend, Delta Phi Epsilon demonstrated acceptance, unconditional love, and support.

My dear friend Nicole DeFeo is the international executive director of Delta Phi Epsilon and often will brag, rightly so, about how amazing her job is. I met Nicole almost 10 years ago and she has supported my career development every step of the way. She has done an amazing job of leading an organization that is truly making a difference in the lives of their members and the community it serves.

The weekend will always be a stand out and a constant reminder to me to continue to embrace others as I was embraced by them. The weekend renewed my commitment to make sure my words are always thoughtful, kind, and continue to teach, inspire and motivate others to love and embrace who they are every step of the way!

That is my pledge to all of my sisters, and Nicole too.





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