If you’re searching for a guest speaker with a message of motivation and optimism, who knows how to energize, engage and entertain your organization, Lisa Bien is the right choice. I have known and worked with Lisa for many years on the program she hosts for Temple University Television and can tell you that she is authentic in her mission to inspire people to live their best lives.

Paul Gluck
General Manager of TUTV, Temple University Television

“She continues to be a thought leader and innovator in the space of employee ownership and workplace psychological safety.

Year over year Lisa’s voice brings clarity of communication in a way that helps educate our attendees. The content design, energy, and execution of her session provide tactical and tangible takeaways that are easily ready to implement and scale for individual business leaders and employee-owners alike.

The conference team at the NCEO would highly recommend Lisa Bien as a speaker or contributor to any program. She is a dynamic speaker that inspires others to be enthusiastic, energetic, and educated in all their pursuits.”


Jaymie Oviedo
Conference Coordinator, National Center for Employee Ownership

“Authentic, informative and optimistic! Lisa Bien livens up our morning show with her motivational segments. Her segment ideas are always timely and unique. Lisa’s quick wit, charisma and infectious laugh makes her outshine other guests. She is a fan favorite and one of my favorite contributors!”

Demetria Green

PHL17 Morning News Anchor, WPHL-TV

“The most positive uplifting speaker I’ve seen in a very long time! I’ve been in the field of psychotherapy for years and believe in the “help thyself then help others” so I like getting personal insight and Lisa does it in a way that leaves you feeling like you have been replenished and ready to take on your new world! If you get a chance, bring her to your work, company picnic, go to any of her venues, however you can see her…Do it! You won’t regret it! Enjoy!”
– Natalie D.

There are so many words that come to mind when I think of Lisa but I think the first is REAL. Lisa just has that knack for connecting with people. She inspires and motivates all while talking on a level that clicks with our viewers. She’s a burst of energy our entire team looks forward to each time she joins us on our morning show.

Matt Toal
Executive Producer, PHL17 Morning News

I’ve known Lisa from the very beginning of her career and I was lucky to work with her twice. We even became partners! Through it all, there was one aspect of our work that actually wasn’t “work” that she loved. It was mentoring others. It was truly Lisa’s joy. Students would come to visit her and she’d spend time helping them with their resumes and providing guidance about their futures. They’d leave and she’d always say the same thing: “I LOVE doing this! I wish I could always help other people, especially young people as they embark on their careers.” And Lisa, look at you now!  You are doing so much mentoring – through teaching, your television program, your book – that you are making an impact on thousands. I am so proud of you for making your own dreams come true. I am equally proud of you for doing it all so well. Congratulations!
Sharla Feldscher

President, Sharla Feldscher Public Relations

Lisa Bien is a natural-born teacher, mentor and friend. It came as no surprise to me that she decided to share her story of “bouncing back” to help others who could benefit from her tribulations and triumphs. Lisa gave me my first job in Public Relations in 1996, where we worked side-by-side for an elite agency in Philadelphia. It was there that I first witnessed her capacity for kindness, strength and friendship. Her ability to foster friendships over the years has always boggled my mind. Despite kids, husbands, careers – Lisa manages to keep healthy, rewarding friendships. A woman with endless energy, Lisa is a fighter. Not one from the streets. Her battles are of the heart. Her loyalty and pride are her ammunition. And in the end, as she notes in her book, she learned that it is within yourself that you find happiness, contentment and the glory of winning.
Garden Wellington-Logan

Public Relations Professional and lucky friend of “Big Red”

“Every time I hear Lisa speak, I’m blown away. She has that rare combination of directness and warmth that makes her a joy to listen to. She’s a dynamo onstage, super-high energy, but she speaks from the heart and it’s as if she’s talking directly to you. She draws on her own life experience, which gives her message credibility. She truly knows how to connect with her audience!”
– Dana R.

“Life Happens: Bounce Back!” is a wonderfully woven, from-the-heart motivational read…Lisa tells it how it is, an easily identifiable style to which any age group can relate.

She recounts her life experiences with raw honesty and shares her pains and joys with no holds barred, because her mission and hope is to be a catalyst for positive change for anyone struggling to figure out who they are, what they want out of life and how they can get there. This book is not good enough….it’s GREAT!

– Laura J.

I have always known Lisa to be positive and encouraging, motivating and honest, and more than anything, genuine in her desire for others to succeed. Lisa was candid about her moments of weakness. She didn’t hide her low points. She was never too proud to be defeated, but she was too strong to let a failed relationship, a lost job, or broken friendships overcome her. As a young woman, I admired the braveness and candor of an active and successful married mother of two who seemed to be living a perfect life. She had the husband, the job, handsome and well-mannered sons and a full social life. But unknown to many, she was unhappy. Knowing yourself and being honest with yourself is a feat, and a scary one at that. Lisa not only faced defeat, she embraced it, learned from it, and grew from it. When I had my own moment of failure, turning to Lisa for insight offered instant clarity. There was no quick fix for my problem; as Lisa said, “what’s done is done.” But she helped me see that it wasn’t the earth-shattering, world-ending issue that I was making it out to be. By speaking to her, I had come to terms with how low I was feeling and moved on. We had a plan of action in place and what felt like such a negative, quickly became a win-win. In the grand scheme of things, my problem was minor. But by owning it and facing it with Lisa’s help I was able to “bounce back.” And you will too.
Kathleen Toy

Communications Specialist

During my short 24 years, the women I have carefully watched, even imitated, tend to linger around and eye up the decisions in their lives – the leaps of faith – that taunt the consciousness with one resounding and ever open-ended question: “What if?” What I love about Lisa and her commitment to bouncing back is her staunch determination to never just ask the question, but to discover every possible answer. When I first met the one and only Bien, I was standing on that exact precipice, asking “What if?” but not daring to take a step further. Lisa was brazenly, painfully honest when she asked me what I was afraid of, and she struck a perfect balance with her unconditional support and demand for “better” when all my answers fell short.

We so seldom step back from the canvas of our lives to observe, feel, evaluate and assess what we have thus far created for ourselves. We are so afraid to erase the parts we have come to dislike, resent and suffer through, for fear of “rocking the boat” or failure. But when a woman like Lisa Bien writes a book like this, and puts your own brush back into your own hand once and for all, it is irresistible to not only ask “What if?” but to start imagining, sketching, and creating the life you want, all over again.

Lisa teaches us that self-love is the landscape upon and before which our lives and the best versions of ourselves are built. When she encourages us to bounce back, she reminds us that our lives are always and continually ours to claim – at any age, at any phase, and with all our unique and vibrant colors. Thank you, Lisa, for pioneering this message; may it always serve as a testament to the human will and the very best life still to come.

Anna Tate

former student

What is there to say about this amazing woman, who I have been proud to call a colleague since 2016, and now a friend? So much! Lisa is one of the most dynamic people I know. She has such a brilliant mind, and what’s exciting is that she is brilliant in ways that most smart people are not: She knows people. Lisa could write the book on “soft skills.” She understands what makes people tick and how to leverage that to improve business operations and employee morale simultaneously. Lisa takes the time to dig in and get to the heart of issues. She establishes trust and rapport quickly, and truly earns that trust. Her versatile skill set adds so much value to an organization: People / employee engagement, leadership development, communications, DEI, and public speaking are a few of the highlights in Lisa’s wheelhouse. I would unreservedly recommend her to any organization, whether it’s to speak for an hour or to become a permanent part of the fabric of the organization.

Jenn Trallo Schreiber

Vice President, Acuity Healthcare

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