When people meet me, most would agree that I am a pretty positive person.

I am always looking for the bright spot in any situation. It’s my choice how I look at life, just as it is yours. This was not something that always came naturally to me. I am a self-taught “seeker of the positive.”

It’s not about being fake or pretending to be upbeat, it’s about looking at a situation from a different view point and looking for the lesson or potential positive outcome.

I am keenly aware of the impact the moods of others have on myself, and I actively work to manage their effect. Most recently, in order to “stay in the positive,” I stopped watching the news. I do not entertain myself on social media. I am learning the practice of Yoga and becoming more mindful and aware every day.

A positive mindset is so critical to how we start our day. You and only you have the power to set up your day, including your mind. We all need to do a daily inventory our life, our moments, interactions with people and ask ourselves this question, “Were they positive moments and interactions?”

What are you doing to manage your mind, your thoughts, and your words? Could you have looked at an event from a different perspective? Can you aim to seek out the positive to manage your day, your week, your month, your year?

Become the “seeker of the positive” and manage your thoughts and your words, and over time you will change your day, and change your life.


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