My birthday is this month; I am going to be 50 years old.

I am not thrilled to say that out loud, in fact, my boys and I love the number 48, so when I turned 48, I told them that is it, I am staying 48 years old forever. It’s weird to me, to say it; I am going to be 50. I know it’s not “old” but it sounds old to me. How is it that I am going to be 50? It feels like just the other day I was 25 years old.

Looking back and thinking about my life, I now know its true what they say about being in your forties – it’s the best. You go through an emotional growth spurt in your forties. You really learn what matters and you value the importance of that. The thirties was truly about having children, find my way as a mom and trying to balance a career and motherhood.

I have started to do a lot of thinking about what’s next? What is ahead? What should I know? What wisdom can I share?  Since I love learning from others and sharing wisdom I gain too; I am asking you support me and help me give a gift to others to celebrate my birthday.

My goal is to write a blog that shares 50 different pieces of advice or some sage wisdom from 50 different people in my life.

Here is what I need from you.

Wherever you are reading this now – whether you are on Facebook, Twitter or my blog, please leave your comment along with your first name and last name. (Last name can be optional.)

Here’s an example, if I was writing this, I would say, “Life is about learning to love, being open to love and to learning to love the journey. We are all on a journey and we need to let love and kindness be the force that leads us and shows us our way,” Lisa Bien.

After I compile 50 quotes, I will publish them as a blog entry for everyone to learn 50 things maybe they didn’t know before.

MY BIRTHDAY WISH: 50 Things You Wish Someone Would Have Told YOU!

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