As an adjunct professor at Temple University, I could write a book about all the wonderful experiences I have been fortunate enough to have during my time on campus.

The students are always filled with excitement and a passion for learning.

My colleagues are some of the best and brightest.

But today, I want to share a story about Mr. Martin and Lisa.

Mr. Martin is a member of the on campus security team. He mans the booth located directly across from my parking garage. Day after day, or night class after night class, you can always, and I mean it, always count on a smile from Mr. Martin. As I leave campus at night, I am also reminded by Mr. Martin to smile, keep my head up and have a nice weekend or whatever the message may be.

We formed our friendship through a simple smile. At first it was just a brief smile and “hello, how are you doing?” Now, I look forward to stopping at his booth to chat. It is like Mr. Martin is the Mayor of his spot. Everyone knows him and likes him.

Then there is Lisa, the morning security guard whom I recently met while teaching a morning class. She is another one with a big, bright smile for everyone who is passing her booth. We laugh because we both are named Lisa with red hair and both have outgoing personalities.

There is a lot to be said for the people who briefly smile at you during the course of our day. Think about it: their post, their security post, is their job site and their job is not to make everyone smile and say hello. Their job is to ensure that we are all safe on campus. They are more than their jobs. They are people, with lives and families of their own. They decide every day what kind of day they are going to have and then they even take it one step further and they enhance the lives of others – with a smile and a hello.

We all get to decide what kind of day we are going to have. We all have the same opportunity to smile and make someone else’s day.


What kind of day are you going to have today? Why would anyone choose any other kind of day than one when you focus on the good and remember to smile?



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