What’s her story?



We all love to people watch. Why is that?

Is it because we are so curious about their outfits, the looks they are donning? Or we are all just so curious about other people?

I love to hear people’s stories! I’m always wondering what kind of life people are living.

Like right now. It’s a typical Monday afternoon. While waiting for a business meeting, I noticed a lady sitting at the bar looking so very relaxed. She’s drinking a Cosmo and seems simply to be enjoying the day.

Her head is down. She’s on her phone, like so many of us are these days. Our cell phones have turned into our number one companion.

I could sit here and invent a great story about this women’s life based on what I see and based on what I interpret through my experience. There may have been a time I would have said, “Geez, I’m wish I had that Monday-afternoon-Cosmopolitans-life with not a care in the world.”

But now, being a wiser me, I never ever wish I had someone else’s life. I don’t assume, by their looks, that they’re any happier than I am. You never really know what someone is going through. Believe me, we are all going through things, you just can’t always tell.

Imagine if we could tell, though. Imagine if we all wore a sign that said: I’m going through ______ today!

Imagine a world where everyone knew what we were thinking or feeling. We would never be judged like a book by its cover. 

I’ve been judged by my cover. I know it. It’s something that can’t be prevented. But, I’ve used it as data to help me grow into the person I am today. The thing is, I’ve realized when people judge us, it’s says something about them, about who they are, and nothing about me.

All we can do is try to do our part and be true to ourselves. To love and accept ourselves for who we are, then in turn, aim to do the same for others.

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