It’s 6 a.m., my younger son Ari is up, getting ready for school, and first thing in the morning I walk past him and say “Good morning, my love!” with a level of enthusiasm that you may experience after someone has had a few cups of coffee with an extra shot of espresso. I’m a high energy person who loves mornings. 

Every weekday morning, I make Ari breakfast. While he enjoys his breakfast, I am busy talking to him about his day.  Reminding him to make today day the best day ever. Most days, we are chatting but some mornings, he will look at me and say “Mom, you are so extra. It’s morning. How can you be so high energy so early?” 

When he comes home from school, I ask him the same five or six questions, but my goal is to hear how his day was. He’s 15 years-old and I think this time in his life is just as important as when he was in kindergarten. The questions range from “What was the best part of your day?” Not how was school, but “How were your classes? All good? What do you need from me?” Usually he will respond, but every now and again I get told, “Mom, you are so extra!” 

Ari is an amazing young man and I am so proud of him.  I am glad he thinks I am “so extra.” If that is code for involved, or excited to hear about his day, then I will continue to be “so extra.” If being “so extra” is the price of constantly showing my son I care, then I embrace it. 

We live in this high tech world. We are spending more times on our phones than we are talking in person, and being “so extra.”

This Valentine’s Day, make it about your kids or someone you love and be “so extra.” You do not need to buy a card, simply write a handwritten note to someone you love and be a little extra, or just be you and tell the person you love, value and appreciate them. Those three words can be your extra. It shows you care.  

Make this Valentine’s Day about feeling and expressing love from your heart to the people that matter in your life. And, maybe someone will be a little extra for you.  

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