I have always known Lisa to be positive and encouraging, motivating and honest, and more than anything, genuine in her desire for others to succeed. Lisa was candid about her moments of weakness. She didn’t hide her low points. She was never too proud to be defeated, but she was too strong to let a failed relationship, a lost job, or broken friendships overcome her. As a young woman, I admired the braveness and candor of an active and successful married mother of two who seemed to be living a perfect life. She had the husband, the job, handsome and well-mannered sons and a full social life. But unknown to many, she was unhappy. Knowing yourself and being honest with yourself is a feat, and a scary one at that. Lisa not only faced defeat, she embraced it, learned from it, and grew from it. When I had my own moment of failure, turning to Lisa for insight offered instant clarity. There was no quick fix for my problem; as Lisa said, “what’s done is done.” But she helped me see that it wasn’t the earth-shattering, world-ending issue that I was making it out to be. By speaking to her, I had come to terms with how low I was feeling and moved on. We had a plan of action in place and what felt like such a negative, quickly became a win-win. In the grand scheme of things, my problem was minor. But by owning it and facing it with Lisa’s help I was able to “bounce back.” And you will too.

Kathleen Toy, Communications Specialist

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