I love my Wawa. Don’t we all?

I usually go in at the same time and see the same employees so it’s always easy strike up a conversation with my pals at MY WAWA.

Today, as I was checking out, I noticed the usual cashier who always smiles and says have a nice day, looked different. Her hair was blonde instead of dark brown.  I commented and complimented her on her hair. I said, “Your hair looks pretty. Did you just change the color?” She replied, “No, I changed it a few weeks ago. I was bored.”

As I walked out of WAWA, I smiled, remembering how when I was younger I would change my hair simply because I was bored. Then I thought of the time when a friend made a comment about how the everyday “life stuff” gets boring.

I started to think about life and wondered if it’s okay, or for that matter, is it normal for life to get boring?

What is boring?

What does it look like?

What does it feel like?

How do we know if we are bored or just comfortable?

How do we know what boredom is?

I guess we need to identify what boredom is for us, not according to anyone else’s definition.

For me, boring is sitting around and not doing something.

For me boring is doing the same thing day after day, with no excitement about what I am doing with my life.

I get bored doing nothing at all.

Some would say restless, I say bored. I have always had an exuberant amount of energy, so for me doing nothing is boring.

Doing something to fight boredom does not have to be a physical act. It can be working toward emotional growth or something that stimulates the brain, body and soul. Believe me, I know firsthand about emotional growth and how it keeps me from being bored!

Doing something like reading, writing or learning something new keeps me from being bored. Journaling or writing a blog post, anything that stimulates my brain keeps me from being bored. When I am bored, I’ll often listen to a YouTube video to learn something new or open a book to go on adventure.

I feel like if I am not doing something that stimulates me – I am bored.

Is it just me? Do others get bored?

Boredom can be a good thing for some and for others some people just like to be bored.

Others like to take their boredom and turn it into something productive.

What do you do when you feel bored?

Is it time to turn your boredom into something else?

Is it time to do some personal growth?

It is time to stop being bored with whatever you are doing!

Ask yourself am I bored? If the answer is yes, find out more about yourself and see how you can turn your boredom into some great adventure. Remember, the greatest adventure you can have is the one that teaches you about yourself.



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