We have all quit things throughout our lives.

Years ago, I quit smoking.

I was divorced twice; I guess you could say I quit being married.

I quit believing that everyone was prettier and smarter than me.

Ten years ago, I quit suffering from low self-esteem and learned to truly love myself.

People often ask me – how did you do it?

First, I hit the books; anytime I want to learn something new, I do research and study the subject matter. I studied how to love myself. I became obsessed with reading books, going to therapy, and then putting everything I learned into practice.

YES! Practice. See if there is one thing I know for sure it’s this – you can read all the self-help books and go to therapy, but it is what you do, it is the actions and change of beliefs that cause you to quit the low self-esteem.

Are you ready to quit suffering from low self-esteem? Then I applaud you and say “YES!” Let’s do this together.

First, start making yourself your number one priority. The most important person there is, is YOU!

Next accentuate the positives about YOU! Write a list of five things that make you fabulous. I am “X….”, remember whatever follows that “I am” is who you are. So, “I am kind hearted” would be one for me. Write your list today. Write them and hang them at three different locations that you can read every day and say them out loud and feel them in your soul as you say it and mean it. Go ahead, try it. I promise you will feel the difference every day.

Take time for you and your body. Your body is your temple. Respect your body. Eat healthy food. Go to the gym, take yoga, just do something for your mind and body.

Stop scaring yourself. We all do it. “OMG…what if this happens or that happens.” I have a secret, worrying about something will not change the outcome. So, be mindful. Live in the moment and smile as much as you can.

Wake up, smile, and thank God for another day.

Our days are not guaranteed, there are people in the hospital right now as you are reading this that are fighting for their lives – be grateful, and quit the suffering habit and become the best version of you!

Wishing you love and kindness, today, and every day.

Love, Lisa



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