Lisa Bien is a natural-born teacher, mentor and friend. It came as no surprise to me that she decided to share her story of “bouncing back” to help others who could benefit from her tribulations and triumphs. Lisa gave me my first job in Public Relations in 1996, where we worked side-by-side for an elite agency in Philadelphia. It was there that I first witnessed her capacity for kindness, strength and friendship. Her ability to foster friendships over the years has always boggled my mind. Despite kids, husbands, careers – Lisa manages to keep healthy, rewarding friendships. A woman with endless energy, Lisa is a fighter. Not one from the streets. Her battles are of the heart. Her loyalty and pride are her ammunition. And in the end, as she notes in her book, she learned that it is within yourself that you find happiness, contentment and the glory of winning.

Garden Wellington-Logan, Public Relations Professional and lucky friend of “Big Red”

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