I never thought about this before, until today but friends are like jewelry. They accent the positives in your life and add extra color to your world.

I was meeting with my publisher, editor and all around go-to girlfriend, Lisa Shiroff, when I noticed she was wearing these lovely red heart earrings.  (I love hearts!)  While talking to her, mid-sentence as I usually do (I do tend to go from one subject to the next, a lot), I said, “OMG, I love those earrings,” and then, jokingly added, “I must have them!” Lisa, who I call my very own jolt of personal sunshine in a bottle, laughed and smiled as she always does and said, “Have them. I made them in no time.” She took them off in seconds and handed them to me. They were in my ears faster than you can snap of your finger.

heart earrings

Then we both started to laughed about how often you can find me complimenting women on their jewelry and then will add “that would look great on me for X event” and the next thing you know the piece of jewelry that caught my eye is now on my neck, wrist or ears! Ha! So there you have it: I am a girl who gets her extra sparkle or that special piece from my girlfriends, literally and figuratively!

Girlfriends are the best. They all add something different to our daily lives. This blog is dedicated to the love of my girlfriends! It’s also dedicated to all the women out there who may not realize that they do not need to go shopping and buy the right piece of jewelry to add your sparkle. You can always count on your girlfriends to help you see your true inner beauty!

My message is this: remember to take some time to thank your friends for how they accent the positives (and it never hurts to check out your friends’ jewelry collections).

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