I started #FeatureFriday to highlight women I admire. Women who make a difference in the world. Feature Friday is about the positive side of life, about showcasing and sharing stories about nurturing relationships.

Today’s #FridayFeature is about my friend Garden Logan. 

I met Garden in 1994, when I was working at Sharla Feldscher Public Relations (SFPR). Garden, a fellow Temple grad, was working for a staffing firm and had asked me for an informational interview. She impressed me immediately. We talked about her goal of working in a public relations agency over lunch at the Bourse Building in Philadelphia. I offered some advice and we promised to keep in touch.

Not long after that lunch, Garden came to work with Sharla and me. I admire Garden’s willingness to work hard and accept challenges. Garden is tough as nails, with a strong sense of right and wrong. She tells the truth, and she is loyal and dedicated. At SFPR she built a strong foundation in public relations, and then her former company rehired her, this time as the manager of corporate communications. It was the start of a very successful public relations career.

Garden’s love for her family has always shone through. The bond and love she shares with her siblings is exceptional. In 2006, she lost her brother William to suicide. Garden and her family were devastated. For a while, she lost the light in her eyes and the smile she always shared. Even while dealing with her own grief, Garden never lost sight of her family, making sure her sister and mother had everything they needed. I remember wishing I could take her pain away and could speak the words to ease her mind. I couldn’t, though, because there were no words to comfort her soul.

As is her way, after William’s death Garden turned her heartbreak to something positive. She made it her mission to help others. Since 2006 she has worked with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and organized over a dozen community walks that have raised millions of dollars for education and research programs to prevent suicide.

Garden and I are always there for each other. When the world knocks one of us down, we remind each other what makes us special and unique in the world. Every time I call, she smiles and says, “Lisa my dear, how are you?” I can feel her smile and love over the phone. Even short conversations are filled with love, admiration, and mutual respect for each other.

Garden is like a younger sister to me. I love her unconditionally. I can always count on her to keep it real, keep it honest, and fill my heart with lots of Philly love.

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