Sports are America’s favorite past times. (I know the expression is really baseball is America’s favorite past time, but why stick with what everyone else says?)

For me, football is my favorite sport. I will watch any team play football simply for the love of the game. I begin every Sunday with pre-game sports talk and end it with Sunday Night Football.

Simply put, Sunday is my favorite day of the week, especially during football season.

I am now sharing my love of football because often people ask me why? Why do you love sports and football so much?

I love it for several reasons. First, there is my time with my boys. Even with Jacob away at school, we manage to text or talk about the games.

Second, football is my form of relaxation. Nothing makes me happier than spending an entire day in front of the TV watching, strategizing and, I will admit, screaming at the TV.

But also, I learn a lot about people by watching sports. I discover their attitudes, their motivation and their determination.  There are some players who know what it means to be a part of a team, and then there are players who only want to be the best so they can be the stand out. I am sure you can all name a few?!

And as I watch the weekly match ups that are so exciting, I can’t help but realize football is a lot like life.  There is always something going on. The next play, next move and sometimes the plays are perfectly executed and other times not so much.  Sometimes you gain yards, sometimes not so much. It’s like a dance of two steps, or should we say yards forward, two steps, back – cha, cha. But we always are having fun during the dance.

Recently, I asked my boyfriend Joe about Fantasy Football and how it works. Is it hard to learn? It’s something I have always wanted to participate in. We started talking about me joining a league with him and during the conversation, I noticed something changed about him. All of the sudden he was more serious than usual. It turns out he plays Fantasy Football to WIN! I shouldn’t have been surprised. Whenever we play a game such as skee ball, bowling or even Monopoly – he plays to win.

Hmmmm…so I decided maybe we should not create a team together. Here I am: a newbie, just super curious about the game. My goals are to learn something new, have some fun and maybe one day win.

But Joe wants to win NOW. I get it. And that is perfectly fine with me. I am not judging him or anyone that always strives to win. But, I do have a question: Why do we always have to win? Is this something we are taught as young children? Is this part of some people’s DNA?

How about you?

Do you always play to win the game?

As the 2015 football season is about to begin, I am going to embrace my football time with my boys, enjoy learning all there is about Fantasy Football and most importantly, have some fun.

Here is to an exciting season!

PS: If you have any tips for me, I would love them so I can have fun and one day win too!


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