Please do not make me go clothes shopping!

Clothes shopping used to be a chore for me. Then, something amazing happened: I fell in love with me and that includes my body! It’s so incredibly freeing to look in the mirror and love what you see – especially in the dressing room. It makes shopping fun!

On a recent visit to one of my favorite stores, Finally the Perfect Gift, I met a few wonderful women in the dressing room. One woman, Laura Romm-Cohen, turned to me and said, “You are an interesting canvas.” Hmmmm….I thought Wow, what an awesome compliment. But it makes sense. We should all be just that interesting canvas. We are all works of art.

You get to be the designer of your canvas. You get to decide what you want your design and fashion to be. And, the whole time, YOU get to love you.

Look in the mirror in the dressing room and if there is something you don’t like – that is okay! You can still love being you and accept the part you want to work on. For instance, I have a belly, okay; I will call it my wine belly. I enjoy my wine and some yummy food. The good stuff seems to be packed with some extra calories. Anyway, I look at my body and I say, “Okay Lisa it’s not how you want it to be today, but today you are still beautiful inside and out. Today, you are still all the wonderful things that make you a beautiful canvas.”

Shopping for me has become an adventure and not a chore because I love my canvas. I embrace my body, and realize that I have a choice to love the body I have or change it.

Today, I have decided to accept my body, love my canvas and now, I love shopping too!

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