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As we move towards the end of summer and away from fun in the sun and back to the business of living, it’s important to reflect on the meaning of persistence.  Persistence is different than being stubborn or enthusiastic. A stubborn person acts out of a refusal to let go because of an overflowing of negative emotions. An enthusiastic person acts out of joy and doesn’t need to take extra effort to propel them at life’s challenges. No, persistence is driving yourself to move forward when no other emotions are doing the work for you. That means finding your own motivational force and making the most out of it.

So where do we find that persistence we need to Bounce Back? Well, that comes from self-knowledge. How well do you know yourself? What do you want to achieve? What are your behavioral patterns that slow you down and what patterns keep you going? Some forms of motivation are deeply personal and can only truly be understood when you get clear of the messages telling you what you should be and start listening to your own honest truth about what you are.

Think back to times in your past when you’ve overcome adversity. Memory isn’t just about knowledge; it’s about emotions. What emotions go through your mind when you think about your successes? What caused those emotions? Sometimes we need to do things to trigger ourselves into an emotional state. For some people, that might be with the promise of reward upon success. For others, it might the thrill of crossing off items on a checklist and building a sense of accomplishment. For others still, it might be about creating an energized environment with high-energy music playing to raise the adrenaline.

Only by being honest with yourself about what makes you tick, can you fight through adversity.

Exercise – Create Your Own Motivational Playlist

One thing that helps a lot of people work is music. Just like movies use their soundtracks to set the right emotional mood for a story, people can create a soundtrack for their lives to put them in the right mindset to get their work done. For us at Bouncing Back, we like high-energy music, with a good beat and fun lyrics.

Below is my personal motivational playlist. Feel free to borrow it!

Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Get Lucky – Daft Punk ft. Pharell Williams

Exotic – Pitbull

Problem – Ariana Grande

Maps – Maroon 5

Boom Clap – Carli XCX

Turn Down For What – DJ Snake and Little John

Roar – Katy Perry

Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Fly – Cast of Glee

Wild Ones – Flo Rida

What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

Now, one of the things that most individuates people is their taste in music. What I like and what you like might not be the same thing. That’s fine. One thing I recommend is thinking about a time you were really motivated and pretending that it’s part of a movie. What music is playing on the soundtrack? Whatever that song is, put it on your playlist. Now do it again until you have at least ten songs.

Create a soundtrack for a life you can be proud of!

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