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I have been emailing a colleague from Temple University and noticed he always ends his emails with Carpe diem.

The phrase Carpe diem comes from the Latin phrase: Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero. Basically, that means “seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future.” In other words: eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die.

Hmmm…yes, I think it would be outstanding if we could all simply seize the day, and not think about tomorrow and what it will bring.

For years, I have found myself reminding my mind (yes, I remind my mind) to focus on the present, focus on the person I am talking to, to be in the moment, to live in that single moment of time.

To be in the moment – think about that.

How do you really do it when you are sitting, having your morning coffee, watching the news, checking all your social sites, wondering what the day will bring? How do we remove all the distractions around us and truly think about what we are doing versus what we should be doing? There is so much going on around us and inside of our heads, how can we develop the state of mind to live fully in the moment?

There is research that has shown living in the moment reduces anxiety, increases self-awareness and promotes one’s over all well being.

Living in the moment takes practice.  It’s like going to the gym and training; you are training your mind to be in the moment. It takes practice – lots of practice. It is not something you will get right away, but you can get it.

When I practice, sometimes my mind wanders and some negative thought will pop in my head. I’ll say to myself: you are here now doing XYZ, embrace it.

I like the term practice, because we all need to practice living in the moment.

My dear friend recently reminded me that my purpose is to make me feel good.

We all forget that, don’t we?

I would add to my colleagues email signature line, carpe diem, and to remember that your purpose is to make yourself feel good, to be happy with yourself.

So, as the leaves are looking magnificent and vibrant, I invite you to see the beauty in the season and within you.

Take time to focus on you and yes, carpe diem!

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