Usually, I am the first one to say, “Bring on fall.” I really do not like summer.  I will not belabor the point by going through all the reasons why. But, as this summer comes to end, I am looking back and saying it was probably one of the best summers ever. It was a complete mixture of pain, disappointment, sadness, contentment, peace, joy, happiness and lots and lots of spiritual growth. Now, what a mixture that is!

I wrote two books about overcoming adversity. I talk about overcoming adversity.  This summer served as a reminder for me that bouncing back is a process, takes time but so necessary if you truly want to change your life. I will constantly grow and I will never not strive to be the best version of me.

My life changed early in 2018. A relationship that was no longer working for me ended. It was not an easy ending for me. This one was really hard because I loved him so very much with all my heart and soul. He will always have a special place in my heart. When I decided to come clean and end the relationship I use the line, “I love you, but I love me more.” I was being true to myself. It is not always easy to be true to yourself. Not easy, but a must.

So there I was, early in 2018 and making a change. A big change.

Now, six months later, I can honestly say I am happy with my decision. I am at peace with my decision because it was made over time, it was thoroughly weighed out in my mind, and I took the time to make sure that the decision I made was the best one for me, at that time for me.

In June, I was presented with an amazing opportunity, a trip of a lifetime, I joined 600 women on a trip to Israel sponsored by Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project. I could talk and write about that trip forever. But, I won’t today. I will blog more about my trip at a later time.

The summer was all about new beginnings and during my trip to Israel I found the greatest peace of my life. An inner peace that reminded me to appreciate all I have today. During times of adversity, we need to appreciate what we do have. Look at all the good. And this summer, I did that.

The summer showed me how truly blessed I am as I watched both of my boys, Jacob and Ari, experience wonderful, fun summers filled with laughter, love and personal growth.

I will start by saying that my boys make me smile every single day. I am amazed by them. My younger son Ari is 14 years-old and this summer he worked at a local camp as a Leader in Training. He received accolades from the camp leadership and the camper’s parents as well.

As a mom, there is nothing better than watching your children grow into wonderful people. Ari showed an impressive level of responsibility towards this job. He did not miss a day! He lead his bus to win the bus cheer competition, to actively participating in color war and so much more. His level of enthusiasm towards the experience was truly inspiring.

Jacob is 23, closer to 24 at this point, and he too had an incredible summer including travel with his close friend and camp director of Thrill Coaster Tours. Since Jacob was 11 years-old he has been a part of this tour because roller coasters are his passion. I am still convinced that one day he will design the world’s most amazing coaster.

This summer both of my boys exhibited a level of enthusiasm they have towards living their best lives. It was truly a reminder to me that we all need to find our passion, something that we are committed to and that makes our soul feel good. Not our ego. Not to others. But to us!

This summer was truly a reminder to me that you and only you can be your own best friend to become the best version of you. I say this all the time. This summer was a reminder that it is not easy but worth it!

It was also a reminder to me that change is not easy. It takes time. Take all the time you need but please remember that it is necessary and it’s possible to create the best life for you!

It showed me to be open to new adventures and new beginnings. As we approach fall, be open to any new adventures that may come your way and remember to believe in yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.


The 3 of Us, Summer of 2018

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