When I was emailing with one of my colleagues one Monday morning, I could tell she was not having a good morning. Eventually, I just picked up the phone to call her and discuss what we were emailing about. Before we hung up, I put a smile in my voice and said:“have a good morning!”
Later in the day, she called me to discuss something else. “It sounded like you were not in a good mood this morning,” I said. “Are you okay?”

“It was just a moment,” she replied. “I didn’t allow the moment to impact my entire day.”

Impressive, right? I mean, how many of us truly have the ability notto let the moment have an impact on our entire day?

It’s easier said than done, I know. But I also know it’s possible. Today was a great day for me. Yes, I had a few moments that could have impacted my entire day. But I tried to do exactly what my colleague did: I reminded myself it’s just a moment.

For me it took practice and lots of gratitude.

When I would have a moment, I’d practice going through my list of what I’m grateful for. Having my gratitude list always reminds me of what is important in my life. My list keeps me focused on what matters. It reminds me that a bad moment should not last an entire day. It reminds me that I get to choose how I spend my day.

Yes, how you feel all day is a choice.  When you are faced with a moment, try to remember you get to decide.

Make it a great day my friends!


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