Valentine’s Day is a just few days away. We all know it’s a reminder to celebrate love, but for some reason, we tend to think it’s only about romantic love. But I think Valentine’s Day is a reminder to love yourself, love your family and friends and to simply put it – love life.  Genuine love for others starts when we are capable of loving ourselves unconditionally as we are. So to me, self-love is the foundation for all relationships.


So, this Valentine’s Day I invite you to do something to nurture your own self love. If you need a few pointers, here are 5 ideas for you to try:


  1. Start an “I love you” book – Buy a blank book or start a new document on your computer with the intention of filling it with things you love about yourself. Just write one thing every day. Make a point of finding something that you feel good about and write it down. Do this for 90 days before you stop to read back through all the things you love about being you. But then continue writing. Keep the book and read through it whenever you need a reminder about what’s so great about YOU!


  1. Practice Saying “No” and Be True to You – It sounds simple, right? But, often saying “no” to others is not easy. So, if you want to get better at this, then promise yourself today that you will learn how to say “no.” Write the word “no” on sticky notes and put them all around your home. When someone asks you to do something and you really do not want to do it, pause and say, “no.” Nicely, politely. You can do this. It takes practice, but it can be done. And it’s healthy to be able to say what you really want to say instead of saying what you think your friend expects you to say. Be true to you.


  1. Wellness – Think about one thing you can do today to jump start your wellness journey. What is the one thing you can do – just for you? For me, I know that a good night’s sleep is the foundation for me to have a good day. I honor myself during week by ensuring I am in bed early. It keeps me mentally strong. I used to make promises to go to the gym every day and then if I didn’t reach my goal I would feel that I let myself down. So, now every day I make one small promise to myself such as drinking water all day and avoiding Diet Coke I no longer drink Diet Coke because slowly I changed my habit by making a wellness promise. I made the promise just for me, when I was ready. It’s about doing things for you, when you are ready to make the change you need for you.


  1. Have it Your Way – Pick a day to celebrate you this week. Maybe it’s on February 14. But it doesn’t have to be. Treat yourself to some flowers, or an even 15 minutes of alone time. Whatever you want, have it your way.


  1. Pay it Forward – Take time to volunteer at a local charity. Make it a gift for you and the charity of your choice.


The point is: celebrate you and all that you do to make this world a better place.

There is only one you, so this Valentine’s Day embrace who you are inside and out.

Remember, once you decide to love who you are, the rest of your life will really fall into place.

Happy Valentine’s Day my friend!




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