Your relationship with yourself is the only relationship that is guaranteed to continue for every single moment of the rest of your entire life. For that and so many other reasons, it’s important to find ways to love yourself. Everyone has different ways of showing their love. Some people appreciate subtle hints, others love grand gestures. While it’s important for everyone to come up with their own methodology based on their own unique personalities, I’m more than happy to provide these suggestions to help get you started:

IMG_06231. Cook yourself your favorite meal. Make it an event. Light candles. Use the fine china and the silver.

2. Leave yourself gifts. Maybe buy yourself a little treat on Amazon months and months in advance and surprise yourself when it arrives in your mailbox.

3. Take a day trip by yourself to a place of your choice. Consider it a date with someone important that you may have been neglecting.

4. Actually go out and watch that movie you were curious about instead of waiting for it to end up on HBO or Netflix.

5. Sing songs that inspire you when you’re alone in the car or the shower or in your back yard without caring how good you sound.

6. Take care of your health. Show yourself the same level of concern you would show to any loved one.

7. Ask your friends what they admire most about you. Your real friends will give you positive answers that may surprise you!

8. Pick up that embarrassing hobby you always wanted to pick up. It’s nobody’s business but yours.

9. Do something harmlessly silly just because it amuses you.

10. Every time you criticize yourself, follow it up with an equal amount of praise.

What other great ways do you know to show love to yourself?  Share in the comments!

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